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The TrendForum ’09 event in Munich, Germany was sponsored in part by BMW, and held at the prestigious BMW Welt. Event organizers created a unique atmosphere for the 350 guests that merged high technology, and great speakers, with the incredible automobile showcase and museum inside the BMW Welt.

pokens and profiles

Each attendee at the Trendforum received a custom BMW branded poken (billboard promo design), and a BMW lanyard to wear around their neck. BMW also created a unique themed profile bard background for attendees 'social business cards.'

photos from event

BMW added an extra interactive element to the event by placing pokens on each of the new BMW vehicles surrounding the event. Attendees who pokened the cars received a custom profile with information about the car. In addition a BMW themed prize was awarded when the search was complete.

branded member hub

BMW completed the experience by designing a custom banner for the Poken Member Hub, and a themed card background. In addition, when guests logged in for the first time they received a set of pre-installed profile cards containing information on the event sponsors.

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