what is Poken?

Poken is a new way to collect people, places and things.

Poken is a suite of products and software that enable you to collect and exchange digital information in the real world with a simple touch. It's a new way to connect with the people you meet, to explore the places you go and to learn more about the things that interest you.

Whether you use a Poken USB device with NFC technology built-in or the Poken App on your NFC-enabled smartphone, Poken will change the way you interact with the world around you.

Poken PEOPLE to share your social business card.

You are constantly meeting new people and growing your professional network. This demands you always have up to date business cards and forces you to invest time in typing and organizing all the contact details of each person you meet. Unless you have a Poken.

Poken is an USB device that serves as a digital replacement for your physical business card. It enables you to instantly gather and organize all the details of the people you meet, without the need for any data entry, and have this information readily accessible by syncing it to any of the major contact management tools.

Poken is also an instant ice breaker and a conversation starter that will improve your networking experience by letting you share a richer snapshot of who you are in a very simple and fun way.

You may want to share only your basic contact information, such as your email, mobile phone and address, but you can opt to share your profile from more than 50 social networking sites – such as Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Skype – by simply touching your Poken to another.

So even if you and your contacts use different social networks, you still have a common platform to communicate.

Poken tags to collect digital information about PLACES and THINGS.

When on the Internet, you are constantly coming across useful articles, inspiring images, entertaining videos and all sorts of information that interests you. So you save these files on your computer to refer to them later and share them with your friends. What if you could do that with what you like offline?

pokenTAG is an electronic sticker that can store digital documents and multimedia files. This cutting-edge new technology was created to spread all these useful, inspiring and entertaining information in the real world.

To start interacting with pokenTAGS, all you need is a Poken device or the Poken App installed on your NFC-enabled smartphone. With a simple touch, you can collect the hidden layer of stories and information about the places and things that interest you. If you have a business, you can use pokenTAGS to start spreading in the real world rich media promotional materials about your products and services.

This product can transform anything around you into a rich source of information and it is starting a green revolution at corporate events by eliminating paper waste.

Build a social timeline with what interests you.

Not everybody you meet uses the same online social networks you do. Some only use Facebook, others use LinkedIn, and there are those who only have an email account. Where can you organize all your contacts and keep in touch with all these people who uses all these different platforms to communicate? At the pokenHUB.

The pokenHUB brings together your real social connections and the online social networks you are part of. It's where you can upload and manage your contacts, create your digital business card, decide the contact information you want to share, explore the connections you made and the latest updates on their social networks. It is where you keep the conversations you started in real life going.

You can also export your contacts from the pokenHUB to Salesforce, MS-Outlook, AppleMail, Lotus Notes and Thunderbird to keep it all organized and easily accessible.

The pokenHUB is where you can discover more about all the people you met and all the places and things you collected with your Poken. All this information is organized on a timeline that shows you who, what and when you collected someone or something you liked.

Integrate your online and offline worlds.

You use your mobile to call, text, take pictures, surf the Internet, check emails, update your Facebook status; the list is big. It's become a tool that keeps you connected to the people you like and gives you access to an endless source of information. But not everything you are interested in is online.

Look around. There are lots of new people to meet, many different places to explore and a whole bunch of new things to be discovered. 

pokenMOBILE is a phone application that creates a bridge between your online and offline worlds, by extending the reach of digital media into the real world, and bringing the things that interest you in the real world online.

This will change the way you interact with everything around you.

There is a whole new world to be rediscovered with Poken. What are you waiting for?


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